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  • dragon8695
    Hotel location compared by in, elegant room does smaller, to shop Hou increases upgrade has room, toilet no clothes of place, bath replaced clothing also no place put. room not know is not for next to elevator of reasons, has machine buzz of voice, not too quiet. mattress also is comfortable of, breakfast Basic are has has, but relative Yu high-end hotel for, details also is poor some of, other facilities also good.
  • bill19850901
    Hotel room is too small. feel too far from
  • yolanda
    Hotel is very good
  • guaguay
    Location compared partial, University past also has several station. away from bus station also is near, has several road car can arrived attractions, is partial travel also convenient. hotel near environment slightly poor, vendors, black more, management compared chaos. access hotel has car shuttle to junction. room is big, health are also than have to. may is new open, room in also has more heavy of smell. hotel management Shang some details to be improved, elevator in feel not too good, grade some low. some identifies no set, II floor floorLadder, was going to a restaurant and don't know where to go after the results. is recommended, the hotel across the street and opposite the hotel, is the seaside cliff, this great.
  • Me:bobby
    Surroundings, near from the sea, big rooms, good health. General breakfast. prices on the high side.
  • angelwendy
    Good location, very close to the sea, affordable.
  • nielinwei1201
    Very good hotel, room facilities, towels bath towels neatly ordered, very satisfied!
  • pengyang73
    Hotel facilities, the surrounding environment, the hotel some distance away from the beach, the use of electric vehicles, also through Asia Gulf Hotel, is not very convenient to zengcuoan line, bus 3 stops, fares get 1; and breakfast really isn't dripping!
  • ANI2002
    Good health
  • bigbutt
    Hotel is nice, because newly built soon, a variety of facilities, as well as battery car shuttle at the intersection, my flight plan cancelled late one day, they not only did not charge booking costs more, and I reserve the room for free, it is worth mentioning that, very good early, combining Eastern and Western styles, kinds, tastes delicious, and later to go to this!
  • pien751
    OK! the room smells! breakfast good! used to praise
  • e01544977
    Sea view rooms are sea view less
  • e way through the
    It's not bad
  • jj9125
    Sea view rooms nice, quiet, more secure than private Inn
  • wxiris
    Hotel good! is outside pendulum in there sold mango of hawker too hateful has, we in there buy has three pieces mango, to she sent to Sichuan, but she only sent has a, and not I selected of that a pieces, I clear to remember at has two pieces inside has 10 a, a pieces inside 11 a, sent to has inside only 9 a. do don't believes she will sent to you of place. on Dang buy a lessons's
  • linglin
    Service is good, front desk and door security are is friendly, especially door age big of security. room is spacious, decoration also is new. outside has big row document, eat seafood convenient, walk about 15 minutes to beach, that has Beach has said said bad of; 1. bathroom anti-smelly is serious, sewer taste smell, Sao taste is serious, also has flies, 2. bath Shi bathroom within no hanging clothes or put clothes of place, embarrassing. 3. bed Shang only two a pillow, child no pillowForget asked the front desk for 4. seaview, about 500 meters from the sea, across a Bay Hotel, can see through the window a little sea. 5. Lane, traffic is not easy
  • lisaG
    Room is very nice, restaurant on the first floor for the first night was in a good mood, Xu Mengjiao and Li Suqing two restaurant staff introducing local specialties, and around fun projects, suddenly eliminated first came to Xiamen strangeness! praise for them?! Only parent-child room large bed is too soft, sleeping back pain! hope to see improvements
  • RoyYuan
    Very good location, at the roundabout on the edge of the road, it is very convenient to attractions-
  • xiafei2000
    The room is too small
  • breadt
    Room was very compact, the overall feeling so-so!
  • BBBB Aberdeen
    The room is not very big, very clean, because it is a new hotel, what service hasn't caught up. hotel far from the city center, but there is a snack Street, cheap and delicious mango.
  • coolbar
    Very good hotel looks forward to once again enjoy your staying at your service
  • littlepu_811
    It's OK
  • cdf521
    Very good service attitude is good?
  • Berjaya
    Hotel is on the tall, battery car shuttle at the intersection, the environment is excellent, to go to the Beach Road, next to the road around the island, you can rent a car ride is easy, there are a lot of snacks, super nice
  • e01663688
    Into hotel to turn a small bent, environment more clutter, has many peddlers, but buy eat of is convenient, green mango, fruit taste good. hotel has battery, open battery of Uncle is enthusiasm is good. hope Hotel praised he. If hotel can in three floor platform set airing hanger on better has. rooms air conditioning more noisy, quilt more thick. health conditions good, parent-child room also can see sea.
  • angellee518
    Service, meticulous, clean and quiet, convenient breakfast, cost-effective, highly recommended.
  • A Little Dream
    Very easy, too far from the sea, cost is not high
  • e04676730
    Slightly far from the airport, but the environment and provide better services, recommended
  • lovestream
    First of all, location is very convenient, rooms spacious and clean. the hotel is very good, service very good, catering and entertainment, and so on are good. very good experience. will continue to stay next time.
  • bluetear1986
    The hotel is very clean and is a bit too, the price is a little expensive, but parking is free
  • caress820905
    OK! hotels! breakfast good! used to praise
  • Jodson
    Room was very clean, free upgrade to a family room, good service, go eat a breakfast back room have already taken the initiative to improve the health, the family had a lot of fun.
  • wangying0427
    Environment and health are very nice, very quiet. is the Wi-Fi was too slow
  • long5di
    The hotel has just been renovated about 1 year, so everything is new, the environment can also, at the hotel is very ... I think listing 5 stars ... Worth living!
  • bolton
    Hotel is good but a little too
  • easonguo513
    And contrast of the surrounding legend. will you be happy. Choose this hotel
  • lindley
    Location good although not very close to the beach but went over on the edge of eating is also particularly convenient
  • Asian727
    Okay ... combination of modern arts. individuals are satisfied with
  • AileenGuo65
    It's OK
  • janex
    Restaurant service is very good, especially the waiter Lee of zhoukou in Henan is very thoughtful, great?
  • Bonnietang
    A little expensive
  • e00254432
    Nice hotel, very comfortable to live and travel convenience, our parent-child room for your girlfriends break, breakfast was great, close to the beach and houses an, very close to the University, the next choice would still be here.
  • minyu
    Well, helping his wife made, very satisfied
  • allenling2008
    Different from surrounding amenities and hotel information
  • CAO9601
    Good location, the room is too small
  • badistuta1979
    The hotel can also ... but tastes really is too big for the room., air conditioning and a wind will not wind
  • yesenia
    Hotel location excellent, close to the beach. poor hotel entrance road, near the stall, the surrounding environment. Hotel no waiter, service is poor.
  • gejin
    Overall OK
  • bleedingcs
    Fair to middling